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Contact Sheet 4 from the Dallas Times Herald Collection (copy 1)

Object Number: 1989.100.0065
Category: Photographs
Type of Object: Contact sheet
Dimensions: Overall: 10 x 8 in. (25.4 x 20.3 cm)
Medium: Film
One black and white photographic contact sheet showing positive images for five separate negative strips. All of the images were taken by Dallas Times Herald photographers.

Photographers would develop a single sheet with images from multiple negative strips in order to see all the images at once and thus be better able to compare them and to select the best ones for publication. In this particular instance, all five of the negative strips are represented elsewhere in the Museum's Dallas Times Herald Collection. Red marks on the contact sheet indicate images that the photographer and his editor were interested in seeing again, possibly developed in a larger format, possibly to be printed.

The first row shows a negative strip with no discernible images.

The second and third row of images, showing Jack Ruby's sister Eva Grant on November 24, 1963, are both from Negative Strip 48 (1989.100.0048.0001 through 1989.100.0048.0007). These images were most likely taken by Dallas Times Herald staff photographer William Allen.

The fourth row of images, showing the exterior of the Texas School Book Depository and images of the Three Tramps being escorted to the Sheriff's office by Dallas Police officers on November 22, 1963, is from Negative Strip 24 (1989.100.0024.0011 through 1989.100.024.0016). These pictures were taken by William Allen.

The bottom row of images, showing images of the Texas School Book Depository and witness Larry Florer being taken into custody on November 22, 1963, are from Negative Strip 28 (1989.100.0028.0013 through 1989.100.0028.0018). These pictures were taken by William Allen.
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