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Black and white photograph of FBI reenactment of assassination

Object Number: 2004.037.0090
Category: Photographs
Original owner: Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt
Type of Object: Photograph (b&w)
Date: 1964
Dimensions: 8 x 10 in. (20.3 x 25.4 cm)
Medium: Paper
Black and white undated photograph of FBI agents demonstrating how President Kennedy and Governor Connally may have been struck by a single bullet. The car in the photo was originally the Secret Service vehicle following directly behind President Kennedy during the shooting. The two agents are sitting in approximately the same positions as President Kennedy and Governor Connally were in the presidential limousine. Note the chalk marks on their backs showing the bullet entrance locations on both men. The third man, Warren Commission staff member Arlen Specter, stands beside the car with a metal rod to show the possible trajectory of the bullet through the two men based on measurements made during the May 1964 reenactment in Dallas.

This copy of a photograph was part of FBI Special Agent Lyndal Shaneyfelt's Kennedy assassination file; Shaneyfelt assisted in the FBI investigations of the assassination conducted on behalf of the Warren Commission in 1964.

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