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Photograph of Jack Ruby and attorney Phil Burleson in Ruby's jail cell

Object Number: 2006.014.0001
Category: Photographs
Photographer: Earl Ruby
Collector: Robert L. White
Type of Object: Photograph (b&w)
Date: 1964
Dimensions: 5 x 6 3/8 in. (12.7 x 16.2 cm)
Medium: Paper
Black and white photograph of Jack Ruby in his jail cell at the Dallas County Jail in 1964, taken by his brother Earl Ruby. Lawyer Phil Burleson is visible in the background.
Curator's Notes

The Dallas County Jail, above the Criminal Courts building on the northeast corner of Main and Houston streets in Dealey Plaza, was Jack Ruby’s final home until being taken to Parkland Hospital in late 1966.  His sixth floor cell was well within the building’s walls and offered no outside view into Dealey Plaza. In fact, the cell was in an open area leaving plenty of room for him to walk around while being observed by a jail guard. 

Ruby attempted suicide several times during his three years in custody but never came close to harming himself.  He was allowed visitors on occasion and had final say over who could come see him. - Gary Mack, Curator 

Part of a series of photographs surreptitiously taken inside Jack Ruby's cell at the Dallas County Jail, this image was first published in Ruby family attorney Alan Adelson's memoir, The Ruby-Oswald Affair, in 1988. - Stephen Fagin, Associate Curator 

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