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Copy of a cover page for an electroencephalograph (EEG) test for Jack Ruby

Object Number: L2017.1.27
Category: Documents
Type of Object: Document
Dimensions: 12 × 22 1/2 in. (30.5 × 57.2 cm)
Medium: Paper
Copy of a cover page for an electroencephalograph (EEG) test performed on Jack Ruby by EEG Laboratory in Dallas, Texas on January 28, 1964.

The left side of the page shows a handdrawn illustration of the top of a human head, numbered one through ten. The left corner of the cover page has "pages 010 \ thru 317" handwritten with what looks like Jack Ruby's signature below. There are five other individual's signatures below this - "Sheff D. Olinger MD"; "John T. Holbrook MD"; "R. J. Weaver Deputy Sherriff Dallas Co."; "Robert L. Stubblefield MD"; "Dr. L. Towler".

The pre-printed text in the center of the cover page is as follows:
"EEG Laboratory
200 Med. Tower
712 N. Washington

Name_______Jack Ruby [handwritten]__________
Age____________52 [handwritten]_____________
Date_________1-28-64 [handwritten]___________
EEG#____________5492 [handwritten]_________

Mrs. Joan Weiberg (?)".

Text filled out for numbered, pre-printed form within outlined box indicates that the test was recorded at 10:50 A.M.; the patient came in walking and was alert but drowsy and cooperative; that the patient is right-handed and his last meal was at 8:38 A.M. that day; and the patient was on no medications. In the background of the right half of the page is what looks like lines from an EEG recording.

The names on this page refer to the following individuals: Dr. Sheff Daniel Olinger, Jr.; Dr. John T. Holbrook; Dr. Robert Stubblefield; Dr. Martin L. Towler; Dallas County deputy sheriff Robert J. Weaver and Mrs. Joan Weiberg (it is unknown exactly who this individual is).

This object was originally part of the evidence collected by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and specifically prosecutors Henry Wade and Bill Alexander during the investigation leading up to the Jack Ruby trial for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Curator's Notes

This item, along with materials from the DA's Ruby file (which is on loan to the Museum) and from the Museum's permanent collection, briefly appeared in a temporary display on the Museum's seventh floor in 2017. - Lindsey Richardson, Curator of Collections

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