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Buell Wesley Frazier Oral History

Object Number: 2002.001.0023
Category: Oral Histories
Oral history interview subject: Buell Frazier
Oral history interviewer: Stephen Fagin
Oral history interviewer: Gary Mack
Type of Object: Oral history
Dimensions: 240 Minutes
Copyright Info: The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Videotaped oral history interview with Buell Wesley Frazier. An employee of the Texas School Book Depository in 1963, Mr. Frazier drove Lee Harvey Oswald to work occasionally, including on November 22, 1963. Mr. Frazier also witnessed the assassination and was detained and questioned by Dallas Police because of his relationship with Oswald.

Interview conducted at researcher David Perry's home on June 19 and 21, 2002 by Gary Mack, Curator, and Stephen Fagin, Associate Curator. Together both interview sessions total four hours.

The video attached to this record is an excerpt. The entire interview is available in our Reading Room to on-site researchers or by submitting a Rights & Reproductions Request Form.
Curator's Notes

In addition to this videotaped interview, Buell Wesley Frazier participated in a Living History program at the Museum in July 2013.  It can be seen here on the Museum's YouTube Channel: - Stephen Fagin, Curator

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