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Red hat worn by Kennedy supporters in 1960

Object Number: 2004.043.0001
Category: Artifacts
Original owner: Linda Willis Pool
Type of Object: Hat
Date: 1960
Dimensions: 4 × 11 1/2 × 25 in. (10.2 × 29.2 × 63.5 cm)
One red, felt woman's hat, worn by Kennedy supporters in 1960.

The hat is made of red felt, and its brim is upturned all the way around. A blue ribbon serves as a hat band; the ribbon is tied into a bow and pinned with a blue-tipped hat pin at the back of the hat. The ribbon trails down the back of the hat. Inside the hat is a blue ribbon that goes around the crown. Inside at the back of the hat is label that reads "Neiman-Marcus" and includes the number "41" on the reverse indicating the size; the label denotes that the hat was purchased at the Neiman Marcus store.
Curator's Notes

An image in the Museum's Anita Hansen Collection shows several woman wearing hats identical to this one, riding in a car in a parade supporting John F. Kennedy for president.  The women in the car carry signs urging citizens to visit the Kennedy Campaign Headquarters on Main Street.  The parade was held in Dallas on September 13, 1960.  Please see the record for 2005.018.0007. - Lindsey Richardson, Curator of Collections

Linda Willis Pool is the daughter of the late Phil Willis, a 1960 Kennedy campaign volunteer and later an eyewitness to the assassination in Dealey Plaza. Linda Kay Willis, age fourteen in 1963, was also an eyewitness that day, standing along with her parents and sister Rosemary on the south side of Elm Street near the corner of Elm and Houston. - Stephen Fagin, Curator     

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