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Cold War-era propaganda poster from the United States

Object Number: 2017.057.0008
Category: Artifacts
Manufacturer: H. E. Morseburg
Artist: Greenfield
Type of Object: Poster
Date: 1967
Dimensions: poster: 35 15/16 × 23 15/16 in. (91.3 × 60.8 cm)
Medium: Plastic, Paper
Cold War propaganda poster printed in black, yellow and red inks on white paper.

The text begins:

"Jet to U.S.S.R. by Aeroflotsam and Jetsam
Borscht Circuit . New York ~ Moscow ~ Prague
Adventure! ~ Guess where you'll land next!"

In the center of the poster is the illustration of an airplane labeled "Marx Special" that is drawn to have several mechanical and structural issues. A floating-head cartoon of Vladimir Lenin is sticking out a window at the front of the plane and there is a red star on the tail of the plane. The caption reads:

"Is Our Great 'Illusyon 2B' Jet * Gives You Illusion of Absolute Safety on Way to Siberian Prison".

Other vignettes and text on the lower half of the poster as follows:

Two Soviet soldiers are drawn standing guard on a wall with barbed wire and the outline of the Kremlin in the background in solid yellow. Captioned:

"Don't Miss The Kremlin
A Photo Amateur's Wonderland
Take A Photo And Wonder What Jail
You'll Land In!"

A list of specials for "Cocktail Hour" includes "Molotov Cocktail", "Stalin Daiquiri", and a "Khruschev [sic] Special" accompanied by a caricature of a stern-looking Soviet waitress.

A small paragraph on a yellow background advertises places to visit, primarily Stalin's grave.

Other text on the poster includes:

"See Das Kapitalist Executions" and "Moscow's Cossack Hotel"

"Our Cuisine Special - Red Herring A La Politburo"

"Join Freedom Marches At Beautiful Concentration Camps"

"Watch Great Peace Parades Led By Soviet Rockets" followed by an illustration of a dove carrying an olive branch with a red rocket tucked under its right wing and a red rocket that was just released from under its left wing.

Poster was manufactured by H. E. Morseburg in Alhambra, California, and is copyrighted 1967. Artist's name "Greenfield" is printed in black at lower center of poster above bottom line of red text.

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