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Photograph of the John F. Kennedy Museum at the edge of Dealey Plaza in 1971

Object Number: 2000.048.0293
Category: Photographs
Photographer: Jeanne Reilly
Type of Object: Photograph (color)
Dimensions: 3 1/2 x 5 in. (8.9 x 12.7 cm)
Medium: Paper
Color photograph of the John F. Kennedy Museum located at the corner of Elm and Houston streets, across from the former Texas School Book Depository.

The picture was taken by Jeanne Reilly, a Dallas resident and Kennedy collector. Her handwritten notes appear in blue ink in the white borders of the photograph.
Curator's Notes

The John F. Kennedy Museum, located in the former Dal-Tex building, was open from 1970 to 1982.  Owners John and Estelle Sissom of Dallas created what was briefly one of the city's leading tourist attractions.  The centerpiece of the display was a multimedia presentation entitled "The Incredible Hours."  In this presentation, a series of lights would follow the path of the Kennedy motorcade through a detailed model of Dealey Plaza and downtown Dallas. "The Incredible Hours" also utilized narration, music, and slide projectors. - Stephen Fagin, Curator

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