Online Collection
Sorted AscendingTitleObject NumberDate
Abraham Zapruder film1999.042.200011/22/1963
Adam Peiperl film2008.007.0001November 1960 - January 1961
Black and white photograph of WFAA-TV news studio the day of the assassination1998.010.018911/22/1963
Charles L. Bronson film2017.015.000111/22/1963 - 11/23/1963
Elsie Dorman film1995.020.000111/22/1963 - 11/25/1963
Frances Bronson and Barbara Young Oral History1996.055.001508/14/1996
George Christian film2008.016.000111/25/1963
George Jefferies film2006.039.000111/22/1963 - 11/23/1963
George Jefferies Program2008.001.004006/06/2008
George Reid film(s)1996.014.00041963 - 1967